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  1. Exhibition of Yearly Project from Class VI to VIII,IX (Social Science) & XI (All stream) to be scheduled on 05/02/2021

  2. Dated on 06/11/2020 Our school Qtr.II Report Day for Class IX to XII to be held. 

  3. Dated on 29/10/2020 Our school Haly Yearly Report Day for Class NUR to VIII to be held. 

  4. Exhibition of Yearly Project from Class VI to VIII,IX (Social Science) & XI (Commerce) to be scheduled on 04/02/2020

  5. On the day of 72th Independace of our nation our school are celebrating with interhouse Folk Dance Compition.

  6. Dated on 27/07/2019 Our school First Report Card Day for Class NUR to XII to be held. 

  7. Dated on 11/07/2019 PAC meeting will be schedule for session 2019-20.

  8. Dated 26/06/2019 review examination will be started for Class X & XII students.

  9. On dated 22/04/2019 the Student Committee Election will be held for session 2019-20.

  10. Annual examination will be start  for Class VI to IX & XI as schedule date sheet.

  11. School will be close from 01/01/2019 to 14/01/2019 due to winter season.

  12. CBSE Sahodaya Volleyball tournament to be held on 21-22/12/2018 in school campus. 

  13. Celebration of 25th Annual day of our legendry school to be schedule on 07/12/2018

  14. SMC & PAC meeting to held on 29/11/2018 at 10:30 A.M.

  15. Interhouse Badminton Compitition being schedule on 22/11/2018

  16. Interhouse Volleyball Compitition being schedule on 15/11/2018

  17. Grand Event of YASH MELA being schedule on 03/11/2018

  18. Interhouse Science & Maths Compitition being schedule on 11/10/2018

  19. Interhouse Debate Compitition being schedule on 04/10/2018

  20. Half Yearly Examination to be scheduled on 17/09/2018 for class VI to XI,datesheet uploaded on school web site  also.

  21. Interhouse Badminton Compitition (Boys/Girls) being schedule on 30/08/2018

  22. On the day of 71th Independace of our nation our school are celebrating with interhouse Folk Dance Compition.

  23. Dated on 09/08/2018 schedule to visit of our school by Mrs.Shweta Khare ma'am under the Roots & Shoots activity.

  24. Qtr.1 Report day to be scheduled on 28/07/2018 for class NUR to X

  25. Interhouse High Jump Compitition (Boys/Girls) being schedule on 19/07/2018

  26. Date on 16/07/2018 to be scheduled for Class X Review report day.
  27. Interhouse T.T. Compitition (U-14/16/19) being schedule on 05/07/2018

  28. Interhouse Chess Compitition (Sr.) being schedule on 10/05/2018

  29. Date on 20/04/2018 to be scheduled of "LOCAL GAME" sports day.

  30. Dated on 23/03/2018 to be scheduled of Anual report day.

  31. SA2 examination to be scheduled on 05/03/2018 for class VI to IX.

  32. Scout Camp to be held in our school premises on 24 Feb 2018

  33. Activity day programme of Class Nur to II to be scheduled on 17/02/2018.

  34. Science Exhibition of class IX to be scheduled on 12/02/2018.

  35. Exhibition of yearly project from class VI to VIII to be scheduled on 02/02/2018

  36. S.St. Exhibition of class IX to be scheduled on 02/02/2018.

  37. 24 students of our school going to participate in Science Exhibition conduct by Dr.Ram Manoher Lohiya Institute of Enginering & Technology

  38. Pre board examination for Class X to be scheduled from 15/01/2018.

  39. Winter break classes for Class X students to be scheduled from 02/01/2018 to 08/01/2018.

  40. Interhouse Debate Compitition (Jr. & Sr.) being schedule on 28/12/2017

  41. Our school FA3 report day to be scheduled on 23 Dec-2017

  42. Interschool Vollyball Tournament going to be schedule on 16/12/2017 

  43. Our School  Annual Sports and Cultural  Programme to be schedule on 08/12/2017. 

  44. Our school sports medalist went to Chattisgarh for the partcipation in national level Cluster athelatic events.

  45. Our School Grand YASH MELA  to be schedule on 18/11/2017

  46. Interhouse Language Compitition being schedule on 09/11/2017.

  47. Students of Class X excursion to Lucknow to be schedule on 04/11/2017. 

  48. Interhouse Kho-Kho compitition (Jr.) to scheduled on 09/11/2017

  49. Our school SA1 report day to be scheduled on 27 Oct-2017

  50. Team of 14 students are going to Varansi to participant in CBSE Cluster tournament of Athletics.

  51. Class VI students are going to Lucknow for the Education Tour. 

  52. 14 staff of Nai Taleem School from Verdha scheduled to visit our school on 27/09/2017.

  53. Student Counsil meeting to be scheduled on 26/09/2017.

  54. Our school S.St. teachers went to JBA in the participation of Social Science workshop

  55. SA1 Examination would be scheduled onward 16 Sep.2017

  56. Our school celebrating Hindi week. as weel as Hindi day. 

  57. D.D.U. memorial GK competition to be schedule on 26 Aug-2017.

  58. PAC meeting to be schedule on 30/08/2017.

  59. Students went to JBA for the participation in Sahodaya TT competiotion.

  60. Interhouse  Quick wit competition (Sr. & Jr. Category) to be schedule on 24 Aug-2017.

  61. Interhouse Quick wit competition (Class 1 to 3) to be schedule on 26 Aug-2017.